Banditsagor is a touring independent theatre company based in Malmö. It was established in 2008 and performs in kindergartens, schools and libraries all around Sweden.

“We have always the collective storytelling at the centre. Regardless of whether we perform improvisations or fairy tale theatre, we and our work is only a tool to focus on the storytelling. We conduct continuous discussions about what stories we choose and from whose perspective we tell them. We develop in meetings with audiences, and by letting the place and the audience form the performance.

We will never be silenced by categorisations of high and low culture; we only respond to audiences and do everything we can to let the setting of our performances to be the co-creator of our stories. We refuse to believe that the big scenes have the only prerequisites for big art. Rather, we believe that theatre blossoms in spaces where discussions are already taking place, like the playroom in a kindergarten, the local pub on a Wednesday evening, personnel room in a workplace, or amongst the shelves in a library.

Our audience has given us a responsibility. We are to be accessible to those who need us, informed and prepared for those who critique us, and passionate about the commission we’ve been given. Moreover, we believe Miss Sweden has a point: we intend to save the world, and work with children, and we do not consider ourselves naive in the slightest.”


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