Malmö City Theatre

“Malmö City Theatre is one of Sweden’s leading theatres. It has existed in its present form since 1993. The theatre is owned by the City of Malmö and its primary purpose is to perform dramatic pieces, usually using its own ensemble. The municipality’s Culture Committee has responsibility for Malmö City Theatre, both in terms of overall cultural policy and regarding organizational and economic matters. The theatre’s Board of Directors are elected representatives of the City of Malmö. The theatre is headed by a CEO/theatre manager and an artistic director/theatre manager, sharing responsibility for finance, administration and artistic decisions. The management team also consists of a financial director, a marketing director, a producer and technical producer.

Malmö City Theatre is publicly funded, 74% from Malmö City, 20% from the state (via Region Skåne) and 6% directly from Region Skåne, we also keep the revenues from our in-house productions. The turnover is 70 million SEK per year. The theatre employs staff on a permanent and temporary basis who fill a total of 90 positions.

The theatre has a permanent ensemble of actors and plays on three main stages: Hipp, Intiman and Studion. Hipp, the main stage, is housed in the historic Hippodrome circus building in central Malmö. Intiman, the theatre’s slightly smaller stage, is adjacent to Malmo Opera House. Studion, the studio stage, is located at the top of the Hipp building. In the summer the theatre puts on an outdoor production in the courtyard of the Hipp building. There are also small musical productions in Hipp’s café and restaurant.

The repertoire includes both new plays that reflect modern Malmö and classical masterpieces. Malmö City Theatre wants to be a theatre that engages, entertains and affects all the citizens of Malmö.

In 2009, the theatre staged a total of 381 performances of 22 productions. In 2010, the theatre staged a total of 367 performances of 20 productions. In 2010 the theatre broke box office records with 56,157 visitors. In addition, the theatre hosted public meetings and projects which attracted a further 8 588 visitors. Unlike ordinary performances, these events are usually free and aim to attract people that are unfamiliar with theatre and create new audiences. For example; we have open rehearsals and discussions, public gatherings, guided tours and much more. Also, the theatre have an ongoing project to reach out to the audience that has been kept away from the theatre by cultural issues and language barriers.

Families, children and young people are very important to Malmö City Theatre, we work actively with schools, and try to enhance the young’s experience of visiting the theatre with educational theatre workshops, folders of inspirational material and guided tours back stage.”


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