“Data-ecologies of Evaluation: Tracing Access, Values, Spill- Overs, and Impacts in Swedish Cultural Policy”

In this paper, we map the development of the evaluation processes and methods used in the context of Swedish cultural policy. By using Actor-Network Theory, we trace the international skeins through which methods, concepts, people, data and practices of evaluation have flowed. By describing these skeins, we hope to better understand current evaluation practices in the realm of culture and art. More specifically we map

  1. the historical developments of evaluation methods and the systems of differentiations that these methods have produced (beginning in Sweden but extending outwards to Europe, the US and the UN);
  2. the value concepts and types of objectives that have been cultivated by the institutions involved in the evaluation of art and culture in Sweden and beyond;
    the forms of institutionalizations produced by mechanisms of evaluation in Sweden;
  3. the concrete evaluation networks that have been established in the wake of these developments and that now play a significant role for the contemporary understanding of how art and culture can and should be evaluated.
    the theory used.



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